Thursday, 1 December 2016

Day 1 - 60 minutes or less daily artwork

I am absolutely horrified when I see how long it's been since I last posted anything. That means that it has been ages since I painted or drew. In the last week or so I have been trying to draw or doodle a bit more. That brought about the idea to challenge myself for 30 days.

I must draw or paint something every day for a month. Nothing serious, even a little scribble if that is all I have time for. But I must create something... and it must not take longer than 60 minutes.

Life keeps us busy, and even though my daily job as layout artist is in it's own way creative, it is not art.

For the challenge my artworks will consist of drawings or little gouache paintings and there might even be some digital work. The reason being that it is easy to do in between my other work.  And I need to re-ignite my imagination.

So here is my piece for Day 1. Coffee and a doughnut. - Gouache on water-colour paper.

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