Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Burst of Energy

Being an artist who also has a full time job means that your creative time is limited to evenings and weekends.  Somehow I managed to work on three paintings over the last 6 weeks.  Here is the first one. It is Acrylic on Canvas Board, 305mm x 405mm (12"x15").

Something that I find interesting is the method that different artists use when 'constructing' a painting.  Some artists start in one place and work outwards in perfect detail, until the whole painting is complete. Other artists, such as myself, work in layers, building the painting till it is complete. The only problem with this method (especially when I'm painting), is that it can look really messy before being complete.

I am not sure about other artists, but I don't really like (non-Arty) people to see my work at this stage because they usually take one look, squint and then get a strange look on their faces and that is when you can just see that they are wondering if you know what you are doing. :-)

So here, for your entertainment is a photo in the first phase of this painting.

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