Saturday, 26 March 2011

With or without cream?

A few weeks ago I came across this blog, Studio Atelier.  Blog owner, Barb Benik puts up a photograph and you can paint it in anyway you see fit.  I accepted the challenge this month and decided to paint it as the photograph was taken.  I submitted it this morning and since tomorrow is the last day for entries, I guess she will put all the remaining entries up then.

3:38 pm (South African Time)
Just got an email from Barb Benik to let me know my entry has been posted.  Click here to see the post for this challenge.


  1. Wow, Vanessa !!! What can I say that I haven't already said over the years. You have extraordinary talent and it's just such a pity that you haven't always had the time, or perhaps the nerve, to put yourself out there and to make your work more visible. I know this doesn't always put the bread and butter on the table, but don't put it aside again. Get going and go with the flow. From the remarks of others you must surely know that your work isn't just good, it's remarkable. God gave you this talent and he meant for you to use it. Love you.

  2. Beautiful work! Soft, almost dreamy. I love the light and shadow work and the colors. You have a wonderful eye. I am now following you.
    Regards, Mari

  3. My dear Vanessa, You sure have a winner here! Good luck!


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