Saturday, 2 April 2011

Little Distractions

I cannot share my current portrait painting, it is a commission and can only be shown once it has had it's 'unveiling'.  It is the only painting that has had my attention in the last while, and because I hurt my back earlier in the week, I've been taking it very easy.  But creative hands cannot be still. 

One of the blogs I follow is by Geninne Zlatkis, I love her paintings, drawings and photographs.  I am always inspired by her blog.  I also was fascinated by one of her photographs of crochet covered stones.  I searched the web and found a pattern for these stone covers by Margaret Oomen and this is what I kept my hands busy with while relaxing in front of the TV last night.  You can get the pattern here

The crochet hook size they give in the pattern is size 9.  It is 1.4mm, I am using a 1.25mm hook and it works just fine.

This is a basic pattern and if you love crocheting, you can develop your own pattern and the possibilities are endless. Do an image search on google and you will be amazed at the variety of designs.


  1. Mmm ... interesting. Something different. I like it.

  2. Oh Vanessa! Your two grandmothers would be so proud of . and I was so surprized, didn't even know that you could crochet! Just imagine what colour cotten would look like on those pretty stones. When are we going down to Pebble Beach again?

  3. Hi Vanessa
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your positive comments! I agree, its nice seeing how other places in the world look through other's eyes.
    I love these crochet rocks. Where did you find such smooth round stones?
    I enjoyed looking through your work.

  4. Hi Catherine, thank you for the visit. I am very lucky to be living in a coastal city and am fairly close to several beaches, some of them are covered in pebbles of varying sizes. We always come home with some of these smooth stones in our pockets.


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