Thursday, 7 April 2011

Portrait of Jennifer Lopez

My commissioned portrait is complete and has been delivered to it's owner, but I still cannot share until it's unveiling.  So once again I will share some of my previous work.

I find that working in coloured pencils is quite relaxing.  I love the sound of the pencil as it scratches along the paper, leaving behind it colourful trail.  It's somehow theraputic.

This is a little A4 portrait I did of Jennifer Lopez a few years ago.  It was from a photograph we found in a magazine, so I guess it had already been airbrushed to look it's best.

Jennifer Lopez Portrait in Coloured Pencil

Jennifer Lopez Portrait - Stages of drawing


  1. Really really wonderful she is a beautiful women and you have captured that beauty. I really like that you showed the stages. I am always interested in the process as well as the end results

  2. That is rather phenomenal. How long did that take?

  3. Beautiful painting and I liked the way you showed the stages.Visit my art blog sometime.I bookmarked your blog and following now :D


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