Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Okay, I'm lost!

I felt like painting the other day but could not think of anything to paint.  With my father being in hospital, I was not able to focus on much at all.  I am happy that he is now back at home and will continue resting until he is fully recovered.

I started this little painting with no idea where it was going.  Using some bright colours and texture paste I just applied the paint to the canvas.  From the shading and colours that found their way onto the canvas this idea evolved.  So now I have a girl in a hat walking on the grass.  But is the blue part sky, or water?  I have no idea what I want it to be.  So now the painting sits there mocking me.  Laughing at my inability to complete a simple little art piece.

So I have to admit, yes, I am lost.

I am hoping that as I run my errands today, my currently unimaginative brain will come up with a solution so that when I return home, I am able to complete it.  Somehow, even in its incomplete state, I find this little painting quite likeable.


  1. well in the lines of a film (although I can't remember which one) IT'S PERFECT JUST THE WAY IT IS. I would leave the viewer to decide if it is water or sky.....and the title is perfect, it made me smile:)

  2. Well, this is absolutely lovely Vanessa! I agree with Ann, just leave it to the viewer's imagination, perfect!


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