Friday, 8 November 2013

Portait on Mounting Board

Deep in Thought
Acrylic on Mounting Board
28 x 28cm

A few months ago I went to my local picture framer and asked for some mounting board offcuts.  He was happy to sell me quite a bit for a good price.  These boards are lovely to paint on and because they are cheap, they are nice for practicing on or trying something new.  This way I save my canvasses for my more serious projects.  The nice thing though is that these cards are quite nice to work on and the completed paintings can be framed.

I did this portrait last night and it seemed to fall into place quite quickly.  I like the loose, sketchy feel of the shirt and background. It definitely pays to play around and have fun when you paint.

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  1. I like the painting of that guy. Looking closely at his face the imperfections of his face, not your work, are clear. That's what makes living creatures so beautiful, the imperfection. The seeking of perfection in human creation by the living sciences is sickening.


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