Monday, 26 September 2011

Early morning walk

I enjoy doing small paintings when I want to try out a different style or technique.  For these small paintings I use masonite/hardboard.  Our local Builder's Warehouse sells large sheets of masonite.  I purchase the sheet and tell them what sizes I want it cut to, and they do that at no extra charge. When I paint on these boards I don't worry about making a mess or wasting expensive canvas.  I use the stretched canvas for specific projects.

This little painting was inspired by a photograph I took while visiting St Francis Bay in April of this year.  The weather had been dreadful and on this particular morning the sun came out and there was not a breath of wind.  This was when I spotted the lady in the blue jacket taking a walk.

Early Morning Walk
Acrylic on hardboard
 30 x 25cm

I had to change the photo, the previous one was taken at night and did not look good at all.  Note to self, always take the photos in daylight.


  1. Beautiful painting! I love the pose you've captured the woman in, she looks so natural! And I do the same thing when I paint on Masonite, it's so much cheaper!

  2. What a great painting...I love the way you have got the reflexions in the water.

  3. Thank you Crystal, it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one using masonite to cut costs.

    Ann, I love doing reflections, it was the houses on the hillside that challenged me. I did not want too much detail, but more of an impression. Not sure how I feel about the final result.


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