Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm inspired by you

One thing an artist needs is to be inspired by other artists.  Some artists are lucky enough to belong to art groups or workshops.  There they will find inspiration and encouragement from other artists.  Many of us often feel that our work is not good enough.  We often need encouragement from other artists.  We need to be able to share our ideas and thoughts and know that we are understood.  I sometimes think that only an artist can understand another artist.  We are all so similar, yet very different.

I don't belong to any form of art workshop or group, but I find my inspiration from my fellow art bloggers.  I read about your painting triumphs, and your battles.  I read your blogs and find myself nodding, going "yes, yes, I've experienced that too".  Every day I come and look at your paintings and drawings.  I feel your pride in your latest piece, and I am inspired.  You are all amazing!  And I thank you!


And to think, all I was going to post today was my new project.  Well here it is so far.


  1. What a great start on your latest painting. I tend to avoid portraits, but I do put in middle distance figures sometimes. Looking forward to seeing how this painting progresses.

  2. Thank you Ann. There are times that I wonder why on earth I agree to do portraits. But it's that moment when I hand it over to its owner, that makes all the hard work worth it.

  3. You have chosen a difficult subject but you have a very good start on it. I hope you will post the end results.

    Thank you for you comments on my blog and also facebook. It is always nice to know someone is out there reviewing your post.


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