Thursday, 10 March 2011

Passing it on

Today I'm sharing the work of a very young artist. 

The daughter of a friend of mine was drawing on one of these gadgets where you slide the button to one side and back to erase what you’ve drawn. This can provide hours of fun without wasting paper, but there’s nothing to hang up or display either.

I could see that she enjoyed drawing. So I gave her a small canvas 9x12”, she drew a face on it, I then used black paint to paint all the lines that she had drawn. Then she did the rest. I just guided her on how to apply the paint. She was very proud of the end result.

Can any of you remember the first time you got to use paint and how it did not seem as easy as other people made it look?

I think we should all try and pass on what we do to the younger generation.  Even if you only share with one child, you can make an impression on that child's life.

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