Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Simple Pleasures

Someone told me once that I should try and spend at least half an hour outside in my garden every day.

This morning the weather was so perfect that I decided to sit and paint outside on my stoep. I carted everything outside, including my birds in their birdcages and there I sat with the sounds and smells of being outside.

I had made myself a mug of coffee and put some delicious Hanepoot grapes in a bowl to nibble on. I believe that elsewhere in the world these very sweet grapes are known as Muscat d’Alexandrie. I love them and know that they are usually available around February/March.

Another little treat at this time of year is the Cherry Guavas that grow on the hedge between my place and the next door neighbour’s. This year, despite the drought, this hedge has yielded a beautiful crop. When the colour of the fruit changes to deep red they are ripe. The best ones are usually at the top of the hedge, so I have to find something to stand on to pick them.

As per usual the wind picked up around mid morning so I moved everything back into the house. At least I can say that I spent more than half an hour outside today.

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