Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 Paintings in 30 Days - No. 5

Acrylic on board
15x15cm (6x6"
Tomorrow I go back to work after my two week break. I will miss being able to choose when to sit and paint.  From tomorrow I will have to use my spare time just for painting. Maybe I will try and do one more painting today so that I can have a headstart on this week.

This challenge is starting to feel a bit tougher than I imagined.  But hey, I think it will be worth every minute in the end.

When I paint on Masonite or hardboard, I usually use the smooth side, but every now and then I like to use the rough side as it adds quite a bit of texture.  It may look okay in real life, but it does not photograph very well.  So here is my entry for Day 5, "Mama".  This wonderful woman works in our office and has worked for our company for almost 25 years (I could be out by a few years).  She makes our tea and coffee every day and she is lovingly called "Mama" by all.

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